Advantages of Imperial Deep Frye

Established since 1957, Imperial is a global supplier of high-quality, high-value cooking equipment choices for the food service industry. Imperial also uses highly skilled employees combined with innovative manufacturing processes. Thus creating a luxurious design and liked by many people. Imperial headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Corona, California, USA.

  • Stainless steel fried pans, front, side, door, backstroke, and basket hangers
  • • Frypot with edges of the fingers formed
  • Three burners made from high efficiency cast iron tubes provide a large heat transfer area for fast recovery
  • Even heat distribution because of baffles and deflectors that are uniquely designed inside the tube
  • Large “cold zones” capture food particles and protect them from carbonization in the frying zone
  • Two nickel-coated fried wire mesh baskets with ergonomic, polyurethane-coated handles
  • Full port ball valves for fast drying


Imperial comes complete with a variety of features, for example a highly efficient cast iron burner with fast heat and even heat distribution, this is also combined with stainless steel front, side, door and rear stub which helps maintain heat effectively. The accurate thermostat has a range from 93 ° C – 204 ° C which means the operator can use the machine effectively & adjust the temperature to degrees for perfect cooking every time